(The Ampibian)



A frog tired of being an amphibian.  He knew he can swim or jump out of the water but does he really have to do it? Again?



Durations: 2 minutes, 42 seconds

Animation by Dessy TAB

Music by Sandi Mardiansyah


"Amphibian" means "having two modes of existence, of doubtful nature", or "living double life".

The animation use some Indonesian proverbs delivered in Sundanese language, a regional language which commonly used in West Java, because some emotions could be expressed better when using the regional language instead of the national language.

All the pictures are handdrawn then digitally animated.


In Indonesian language, someone who doesn't have better things to do and doing unnecessary things instead, is called as being "kurang kerjaan" or lack of job.  This animation is a result of me being "kurang kerjaan", I am literally has nothing better to do because I don't have a permanent job.  The story of the animation also inspired by a situation of being "kurang kerjaan".  The visualization technique for the animation could also labeled as "kurang kerjaan" because it is the first time for me to make handdrawn animation.


I made the story almost 2 years ago but it became a project that I have to do and need to do since I lost my job last year.

It's a story about unemployment but it is not a sad story as I hope being unemployed is not the end of everything, so chill out while you can.